Back to our Roots: The NEW Summer Menu is Here!

Back to our Roots: The NEW Summer Menu is Here!

Rejoice, Native Foodies, it’s your favorite time of the season: the NEW SUMMER MENU is here! For this iteration of yummy plant-based, chef-crafted goodness we’re going back to our roots and are bringing some old guest favorites back! Alongside some innovative new vegan items, of course! Check out our new line-up:

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich

Vegan Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich

Picture this: succulent grilled vegan chicken tossed in a flavorful teriyaki glaze, our housemade tofu ham, tropical pineapple relish, vegan cheese, lettuce, and mayo, on a toasted bun. This one will send your tastebuds straight to the islands!

Peach Burrata Salad

Vegan Peach Burrata Salad

Vegan salads don’t have to be dull. You know that, but we’re here to prove it once again! Say hello to our Peach Burrata Salad! Yes, that’s vegan burrata. Wow. It comes paired with juicy peaches, red onion, tomatoes, and fresh arugula, and drizzled with an agave balsamic dressing. This salad is summer in a bowl – light, bursting with flavors, and radiating pure joy.

Blistered Shishitos

Blistered Shishito Peppers

Looking to spice up your summer? We’ve got you covered with our sassy and zesty Blistered Shishitos. These little green peppers are like a game of culinary roulette – most are mild, but every once in a while, you’ll stumble upon a fiery surprise! Served with a side of cool ranch dipping sauce, these addictive bite-sized wonders are perfect for sharing, laughing, and testing your friends’ heat tolerance. Remember, if you can’t handle the heat, grab a glass of our refreshing housemade watermelon fresca!

Sesame Kale Macro Bowl

Sesame Kale Macro Bowl

Following a vegan macrobiotic diet? Or just looking for a healthy, savory lunch? We gotchu! Our Sesame Kale Macro Bowl is back due to popular demand! Whether you’re a committed vegan, a curious flexitarian, or just someone who loves to have a good time and good food, the Sesame Kale Macro Bowl is here for you. Tangy sauerkraut, flavorful tempeh, kale, organic brown rice, sesame, green onion, and an amazing creamy sesame ginger sauce make this vegan dish a perfectly healthy and delicious choice any time of the day.

Ensalada Azteca

Vegan Ensalada Azteca

Another classic guest favorite that is back by popular demand! Another perfectly light and refreshing Summer dish, this vegan salad features a bed of mixed greens that is topped with fresh avocado, jicama, raisins, cucumber, quinoa, cilantro, chile con limon, and a fruity mango lime dressing. So so good for lunch… it fills you up without leaving you feeling bloated and heavy!

Key Lime Cheesecake Parfait

Vegan Key Lime Cheesecake Parfait

Fellow dessert enthusiasts, get ready to pucker up because we’re ready to unveil a vegan dessert that will leave your tastebuds ready to do the limbo. We’re known for our amazing plant-based parfaits, and this one is no exception. Layers of key lime crème, vegan cream cheese filling, and oatmeal cookie crumbles are topped off with a slice of fresh lime. The perfect mix of sweet and tangy.

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this vegan menu. However, there might have been a few happy dancing carrots and dancing tomatoes involved.

Our Summer Menu is IN STORES NOW!*

*the following stores will NOT be offering our summer menu items: Costa Mesa, CA, Westwood, CA, and San Diego Clairemont Mesa, CA.

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