NEW: Vegan Birria Quesadilla!

NEW: Vegan Birria Quesadilla!

OK, this one is something else… we love all our monthly chef’s specials but Chef Chris came up with something truly unique in the plant-based restaurant world: VEGAN BIRRIA QUESADILLA!!!

Available all throughout October, at all Native Foods locations. Inspired by Mexican cuisine, this special comes with vegan birria beef and gooey plant-based cheese in a flour tortilla basted with birria consommé, a cup of vegan birria consommé with fresh onion and cilantro for dipping, and a side of your choice.

Vegan Birria Quesadilla

Savory and cheesy and oh-so-flavorful.

We have 100% vegan restaurants in Chicago, Colorado, and Southern California. Check our locations page to find a vegan restaurant near you!

Can’t wait for you to try our Birria Quesadilla, let us know what you think!