We love our Native Pals!

Native Foods has teamed up with Farm Sanctuary – our Native Pals – who share our passion for animals and the environment. 

Native Pals Day

You can share in the Native Pals love all year long! Native Pals Day, happens each month and gives back a portion of sales to the featured group. When you buy an entrée, side, and a Native Drink on that special day, you’ll get a free dessert and be supporting. Come on in and share with your friends.

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Learn more about their mission and how to get involved

Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary protects farm animals from cruelty and has rescued thousands of animals and cared for them at their three sanctuaries across California and in New York. The group also works to develop a new awareness and understanding of farm animals by promoting compassionate vegan living.

It takes a lot of time and resources to run one of their sanctuaries, so the more love we can share the better! You can help by adopting your own farm animal right from their website just like we did! Our adopted farm animals – Dandy Pants, Maria, Bruno, and Macy are all kicking it at the Acton sanctuary in Southern California. Go visit them! (Hint: Dandy Pants loves sunflower seeds and Maria loves her apples). We also have our very own cow in Watkins Glen, New York who we affectionately named Twister, after our beloved wrap.

To learn more about Farm Sanctuary and to adopt your own farm animal, visit farmsanctury.org.

our native farm!


The chicken


The pig


The cow

Native gives back locally too!

From a local one-shop restaurant to growing cross-country, we’re still just as crazy about staying involved in the communities and cultures that make each location thrive. As part of our mission, Native Foods supports causes that promote compassion to animals, environmental protection, and childhood education. We always find a way to keep it local.

Are you a part of a community organization dedicated to compassionate causes? We’d love to hear from you and learn about ways we can help your organization grow! Please fill out an application here.

Take a look at some of the groups we’ve supported in the past!

Are you a part of a community organization dedicated to compassionate causes?
We′d love tohear from youand learn about ways we can help your organization grow!

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