Is it love in the air, or is that the smell of vegan BBQ?

Photo of Native Food's vegan bbq pulled pork sandwich.  The sandwich is on a toasted hamburger bun, with pickle chips, southern coleslaw, and plant-based pulled pork in vegan bbq sauce.
Vegan BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich from Native Foods – February 2023.

Maybe it’s not pink for Valentine’s Day… but this sure is bringing about feelings of love for us.

And maybe it’s not barbecue season… but THIS is vegan BBQ, and we’re not subject to the same rules and limitations that regular barbecue faces. Chef Chris can’t be bound by the limitations of your perceived notions of barbecue.

Plus, aren’t you missing late summer nights in the pool while someone else grills pool-side? Us too.

Consider Native Foods as your honorary cool vegan dad barbecuing by the frozen pool. If you’re in California, maybe it’s not frozen, but at least unpleasantly chilled. No matter what your pool feels like, we’re right by it.

All the details on our Vegan BBQ:

Our BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich is available all of February – meaning that it’s especially limited time, don’t forget we only have 28 days! (If you really love it, and you can average a solid three sandwiches a day, you still can only get 84 sandwiches tops).

This sandwich boasts a toasted hamburger bun, plant-based pulled pork in a vegan bbq sauce, Southern-style coleslaw, and pickle chips. Your meal will come with a side, but you can always upgrade to a premium side for $1.50.

We’d probably recommend our mac and cheese or fries with your BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, but what did we say? No limitations with vegan bbq.

Our February special is available at all Native Foods locations (click here to find a location near you)! You can order by clicking the link below.

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If you love it, let us know on Instagram or Facebook! We love to hear your comments and suggestions – and feel free to let us know what you want us to veganize next.