Eating Green is Life’s Greatest Reward

The best part about digging into one of our burger meals is, well, being given an incentive to do it all over again! Our Native Foodie Rewards loyalty program is an easy way to earn rewards, order online for take-out or delivery, and receive special offers! Download our app and sign up as a new loyalty member, and you’ll receive a $10 discount after you spend your first $15!

Love tasty rewards?

Join the club.

phone with Native Foods app

Download the app. Our app is at the center of a rewarding experience: it’s the most convenient way to earn and redeem rewards, receive special offers, and order take-out or delivery. And now it’s even more user-friendly! Best of all, new members receive a $10 off redeemable after they spend their first $15!

Already a loyalty member? Click on “log in” on the app’s welcome page and follow the instructions. Be sure to enter the same email address you’ve used before our app redesign to get credits on the same account.

New member? Click “sign up” on the welcome page and follow the instructions.

Don’t have a smartphone? No problem! Our desktop version allows you to continue to earn and redeem points, or to become a new member. If this is your first time on this page you will need to click on the “Sign Up” link below and open your account. If you are an existing loyalty member (which means anyone who had signed up after 1/1/2018), simply click the “Log In” link below to manage your account and earn points.