Raising the bawk on flavor: the Chicken Parm is back!

Raising the bawk on flavor: the Chicken Parm is back!

Native Foodies, gather round, for today we’re about to embark on an epicurean adventure that will make your tastebuds tango with joy. Prepare yourselves for a vegan sandwich experience so utterly clucktastic that even chickens themselves would gasp in awe. Yes, the rumors are true: our beloved Chicken Parm Sandwich is back! Available throughout the month of June, at all locations! Only $13.95, and that includes a (regular) side!

Chicken Parm Sandwich

A Clucking Revolution in Vegan Cuisine!

Picture this: crispy plant-based chicken slathered with our housemade, slightly spicy marinara sauce, fresh basil, nestled between layers of melty vegan cheese (provolone and parmesan), all embraced by two perfectly toasted pretzel buns. It’s a masterpiece that shatters the notion that vegans only eat salads and kale smoothies. Our vegan Chicken Parm Sandwich is here to prove that cruelty-free cuisine can be outrageously delicious, and it’s about time we give those veggies a standing ovation!

Raising the “Bawk” on Flavor!

You may be wondering, “How on earth can a sandwich without real chicken taste so clucking good?” Well, Native Foodies, it’s all about chef-crafted, culinary magic. Our vegan chicken is a marvel of texture and taste, crafted with plant-based proteins and a secret blend of spices that would make a rooster crow with envy.

Cheesy Meltdown of Epic Proportions!

Now, let’s talk about the plant-based cheese. We’re not talking about any ordinary vegan cheese here; we’re talking about a melty, gooey vegan cheese that will make your heart sing like a chorus of chickens at sunrise. We’ve chosen a mix of vegan provolone for the melty goodness, and parmesan to kick up the flavor a notch. Or two.

A Saucy Love Affair!

Let’s not forget the most crucial ingredient in this divine creation: the marinara sauce. Our housemade, zesty tomato concoction is bursting with flavors that dance on your tongue like a salsa party. It’s slightly spicy, it’s savory, and it’s the perfect partner in crime for our vegan chicken. Throw in some fresh basil leaves… perfection.

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If the Chicken Parm Sandwich isn’t quite your speed, you’re always welcome to check out the rest of our menu and please stay tuned for some upcoming new Summer seasonals!

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